About Us

About Us

Al – Kaafah Contracting & Transporting Co. W.L.L Commenced its operations in Doha in the year 2010. The company’s vision is to cater to this dynamic market in every possible manner in a better way than our competitors do. Since its inception the company has grown phenomenally in Qatar, offering various services to our esteemed clienteles.

We always ensure that we deliver high service standards to customers, as a habit we complete your job on time, and we handle any project, big or small in a professional manner. With all this you will feel us as one of the desirous company with whom you can partner with in order to make your project a mere success.

Services We offer

We at Al – Kaafah Contracting & Transporting Co. W.L.L Offers a wide of services to our loyal clients. Given below is a list of our services.

Waste Management Services

We collect sewage from Camps, Work sites etc. and dispose it by following a well procedure...

Heavy Equipment Rental

We specialize in providing reliable equipment for rent on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates...

Water Supply Services

We supply sweet water in large quantities to different work sites and camps through out the State...


The Complete concept, design and site operations from taking over sites, traditional and piled...

Quarry Materials Supply

Al-Kaafah Crushers facility has the capability to produce different sizes of aggregates, rocks and rock..

Recruitment Services

Al – Kaafah have through the strategic deployment of their operational oce bases in India, Bangladesh...

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